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For over thirty years R.P. O'Connell has been selling, installing and maintaining Delta Controls Building Automation Systems (BAS). We deliver total building automation solutions for projects in commercial office buildings, K-12 schools, higher education, hospitality, healthcare and industrial/manufacturing facilities. We are the local exclusive Delta Controls Partner responsible for Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire.

Delta Controls is at the forefront of Building Automation Systems (BAS). A global industry leader with a track record of delivering fully integrated native BACnet building solutions encompassing HVAC, Lighting and Access, they have installed projects located in more than 80 countries around the world.

Whether you are an Architect, Engineer, Contractor, Property Manager or Building Owner, R. P. O'Connell has the right Facilities Management Solution for you. To communicate with one of our Controls Engineers or for information regarding our current projects, past projects and references please call us or contact us here.



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enteliWEB is a web-based application that connects all your facilities and centralizes
building management operations, site engineering, and energy analytics.

                                                                                            Click on the enteliWEB® logo for more information.


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JACE® 8000 Controller

The JACE 8000 is a compact, embedded Niagara Framework®-based controller and

                                                                server platform for connecting multiple and diverse devices and sub-systems.
                                                                With internet connectivity and web-serving capability, the JACE 8000 controller
                                                                provides integrated control, supervision, data logging, alarming, scheduling and
                                                                network management. It streams data and rich graphical displays to a standard web
                                                                browser via an ethernet or wireless LAN, or remotely over the internet.

                                                                Click on the Delta Niagara logo for more information.